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What We Do...


The CMNRP was founded in 2006 with the goal of bridging the gap between incarceration and successful re-entry into public life. The early focus was on building relationships with Formerly Incarcerated Persons and creating clear pathways to resources that could increase their chances of success. In 2011, CMNRP purchased its first home to provide direct housing services to Formerly Incarcerated Persons and has since grown to 4 properties in St. Cloud, MN.

Today, we are able to provide housing in a supportive, safe, and accountable environment for 18 Formerly Incarcerated Persons at any given time with plans for growth in the future.

building hoPe , cReating oPPoRtunity & tRansfoRming communities


An x-y graph. The x-axis is labeled "opportunity" and the y-axis is labeled "hope". Text in the upper left reads "Discouragement & Disillusionment, Return to Old Ways." Text in the upper right reads "Belief & Encouragement, Sustainable Transformation." Text in the lower left reads "Hopelessness & Desperation, Re-Incarceration." Text in the lower right reads "Aimlessness & Wasted Resources, Poor Decision Making."

Why we Do it...


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Providing Formerly Incarcerated Persons Hope and Opportunity for Transformation through support, resources and community partnerships.

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Sustained transformation for Formerly Incarcerated Persons.

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CoRe values

  • All people have value and deserve respect

  • Positive, sustainable change is achievable 

  • Person-centered care is essential to individual progress

  • Removing barriers to re-entry encourages personal accountability

How We do it...

Our Process & House Rules

CMNRP’s primary focus is centered on the person(s) and maximizing their potential to take ownership of their re-entry process. The program is grounded in relationship with the individual, which is built within the context of our transitional housing. 

House rules focus on responsibility, accountability, and interpersonal relational dynamics. We maintain close relationships with supervising officers, which allows us to support our client’s efforts to lay and build upon a stable foundation for long term success.

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inteRPeRsonal Relational dynamics

CuRRent Goal...

Setting Them up for success

CMNRP is on the cusp of being able to provide “soft skills” programming such as cognitive development, anger management, domestic violence and parenting classes to our clients and to others in need of these services in the tri-county area. These services will be provided to our clients at no additional cost, and will be made available individuals who are not in our housing program at an affordable rate.

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aRe You in need of cmnRP?

Building a bridge between HOPE & OPPORTUNITY, so you don't have to do it alone...

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With hoPe & oPPoRtunity

comes tRansfoRmation

Having hoPe and oPPoRtunity cReates an enviRonment foR tRansfoRmation

Join our mission to transform the formerly incarcerated through support, resources, and community partnerships.

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