HoPe OPPoRtunity TRansfoRmation

Hope Opportunity Transformation

Approximately 900 inmates are released in Minnesota a month and many don’t have proper housing and the right opportunities for transformation.

Set them up for success. When you join the CMNRP team through your donation you are bridging the gap
between hopelessness and transformation by creating opportunity.

A group of men hugging at a support group.

What We Do...


CMNRP’s housing program offers individual rooms in a shared, transitional living environment to FIPs under supervision in Stearns, Benton, and Sherburne Counties. 

Our housing program allows the individual to take personal accountability for their re-entry progress in an environment that provides a supportive accountability structure while maintaining enough flexibility to be responsive to their individual goals and responsibilities.

How We do it...

Our Process & House Rules

CMNRP’s primary focus is centered on the person(s) and maximizing their potential to take ownership of their re-entry process. The program is grounded in relationship with the individual, which is built within the context of our transitional housing. 

House rules focus on responsibility, accountability, and interpersonal relational dynamics. We maintain close relationships with supervising officers, which allows us to support our client’s efforts to lay and build upon a stable foundation for long term success.

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inteRPeRsonal Relational dynamics

We aRe alWays looking foR neW ResouRces We can PRovide ouR tenants.


Join our mission to transform the formerly incarcerated through support, resources and community partnerships.

With hoPe & oPPoRtunity

comes tRansfoRmation

aRe You in need of cmnRP?

Building a bridge between HOPE & OPPORTUNITY, so you don't have to do it alone...

Sign up and join our program to start your journey to transformation.

A group of men hugging at a support group.

New Location

Our New Mailing Address Is: PO Box 2391 St. Cloud, MN 56302 Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday10a.m.- 4p.m. By Appointment OnlyCall: (320)656-9004  

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Multiethnic people hugging smiling man with alcohol addiction during group therapy in rehab center.

Re-Entry Program

CMNRP works with the Minnesota Department of Corrections and Community Corrections in the Tri-County area regarding recently released ex-offenders. CMNRP‘s goal is to “help you help yourself” transition

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Having hoPe and oPPoRtunity cReates an enviRonment foR tRansfoRmation

Join our mission to transform the formerly incarcerated through support, resources, and community partnerships.

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