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About Us

Central MN Re-Entry Project (CMNRP) is a Minnesota 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization working to build positive and constructive relationships between ex-offenders and the community. We help ex-offenders by putting them in contact with transitional housing opportunities and local employers, directing them to the appropriate social service agencies, connecting them with pro-social support, and seeking out financial assistance when available.  These services reduce recidivism by helping to insure that the ex-offender has access to legal sources of support.

Mission Statement

Creating safer communities by providing ex-offenders the opportunity to transform their lives through mentoring, resources and community partnerships.

Vision Statement

Ex-offenders successfully integrate into the community and live crime-free lives.

Core Values

  • People can and do change.
  • All people have value and deserve respect.
  • Everyone receives judgment-free service.
  • Our work is relationship-based, person-centered, and responsive to the needs of the individual.

CMNRP strives to partner with ex-offenders and communities to build healthier lives and stronger communities through programs that:

  • Promote inner growth and change through caring one-to-one relationships and group experiences.
  • Add to ex-offenders’ competencies and skills to enable them to live independent, positive, and self-sufficient lives.
  • Educate the public about ex-offenders, counter negative stereotypes, and share successes.
  • Partner with communities to reintegrate ex-offenders and heal family relationships and communities in a spirit of restorative justice.
  • Partner with government, other agencies, and community groups to maximize resources and opportunities for ex-offenders who are building new lives.
  • Are relevant to community needs and worthy of community support.