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2017 CFP Success Stories

Posted on Aug 30 2017 by admin

CFP success story

Mohoameds Story:

  • Mohoamed just came to Minnesota from North Carolina a few weeks before his appointment with us. He told our furniture coordinator that his family decided one morning that they had to leave that day. Leaving everything behind and packed up their family to drive all the way to Minnesota.
  • Mohoamed exclaimed how grateful he was for this resource to help provide for him and his family during this stressful time of starting over in a new place.


Shukris Story:

  •  Shukri just came to Minnesota from Northern Texas with her family. Shukri has a family of 4 with both kids being under 2  years old.21222834_10210361102048566_157556362_o
  •   Shukri was so happy to get everything she needed to start over and      create a new home for her family.





On behalf of the families and individuals we serve,

THANK YOU CENTRAL MN, for your support!